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born and raised in cape town, south africa, dominique lyle always aspired to be great. her parents were well off enough to keep the family, which later grew when dom's younger brother was born, afloat, but she was often made fun of in school by richer students because her parents couldn't afford to keep up with the latest trends. the mocking and teasing did little to affect dom, who wasn't bothered by such trivial things – at least not on the outside. what anger she did feel, she found an outlet for in writing. she realized quickly that she not only loved but had a penchant for more gruesome works.

as she grew older, her love for writing grew with her. teachers applauded her talent, though some were worried about the thoughts floating through the young girl's head. the prodding of one teacher in particular led to dom applying to schools in other countries in hope of winning a scholarship that might take her away from her home nation and give her the best chance of becoming a recognized writer.

she was accepted to many schools, and some even offered her full scholarships. she knew it was likely because of her nationality than her talent, but dom did not let that faze her. she eventually settled on northwestern university. though illinois was something of a culture shock for her, she adjusted with relative ease. making friends was something of a challenge for her given her past experiences with fellow students, but she eventually put her trust in a small group of people.

one in particular, a woman named francine, became something of a muse for her. the two inspired one another to write, shared ideas, and eventually became romantically involved. with her walls completely down, dom trusted fran completely and never once considered the woman had ulterior motives. a year after they started dating, she realized her mistake. fran had stolen one of her best ideas and everything she had written for it and claimed it as her own. what made it more of a betrayal was that the story was getting published. it absolutely crushed dom. not only did she end the relationship, but, defeated, her grades began to suffer.

knowing that her scholarship was the only thing keeping her in the country, she immediately began looking for other options. playing the same game that fran did, she eventually found someone gullible enough to marry her so that she might gain citizenship without going through the effort it would have otherwise taken. with her citizenship cemented, she dropped out of northwestern and moved with her recently graduated husband to his hometown of boston.

the marriage was very much a loveless one, on both ends. he wasn't blind to the fact that she was using him to remain in the country, nor was she to the numerous women he brought into their bed while she was waiting tables at night. neither complained, since her husband cared enough not to see her deported, and dom didn't love him enough to be bothered by his affairs. once they had been married long enough for a divorce not to affect her status, they parted ways amicably.

dom still writes but prefers not to share any of her work or ideas with anyone out of fear that they'll steal it. it's the one fear she hasn't been able to conquer; in fact, dom makes it a point to live dangerously to the point of not fearing anything else. she chooses to focus more on reading other stories and manages an online book club for fans of the macabre and horror genre. that won't pay her bills, of course, so she works as a hostess for a specialty club in the city, la crainte.
facts ONE Though her own insecurities prevent her from sharing her writing, Dom is an avid writer and has a collection of horror stories tucked away in a secured drive on her computer. two Married a US citizen so that she could gain citizenship and has not been back to her home country of South Africa in years. three Has a rescue pitbull named Terror, but she calls him Terry for short.
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Lyssa Drak is a member of the Sinestro Corps and the keeper of the book of Parallax, which is chained to her wrist. She maintains the horror stories and exploits of the members of the Sinestro Corps. When new recruits are brought to Qward, Lyssa oversees their entry into the Fear Lodge, and chronicles the new recruit's success or failure ... Read More

tie-ins ONE Initials are reversed. two Connection/borderline obsession with Sinestro. three Both fear very little and don't let fear overwhelm them. four Has a fascination with horror.